Saturday, November 12, 2011

William MacLane catalog Q

One of the long-stated reasons for producing physique photographs was to provide an aid for artists wishing to have model resources for their art. The then-famous (and now nearly-forgotten) William MacLane took this source to heart as witnessed by three of his paintings offered in Catalog Q. The figure on the left in #99-Leisure is a classic pose by Glenn Bishop, the prone figure in #100-Sun Worship is Ed Fury by Bruce of LA and the inspiration for #102-The Studio is a photo of Matt Carroll by John Palatinus.


Anonymous said...

I actually started out searching the internet this evening, looking for source material for a late Valentine's Day card, only to find this blog!
This a great collection you've put together. :D

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased an original oil painting by William MacLane of a Marboro Man type of cowboy. It somewhat resembles Ed Fury, but more weathered and older looking.

Anonymous said...

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I think the model lying prone on the beach is NOT Ed Fury but, rather, Bob McCune and his justly famous 'power' butt; sorry that I can't recall the photographer. In the prone-on- beach photo of Ed Fury, he's facing in another direction and the butt is less prominent yet scarcely invisible.
All that aside, v-m-p is a top-drawer blog - please keep up the excellent work!