Monday, March 31, 2008

Steve Reeves -- by Russ Warner?

Classic muscle posing to close out the night (and the month!).

These two 4x5's recently sold at eBay auction for $68 a piece without any kind of identification from the seller. They sure look like Steve Reeves to me, and I'm putting my further two cents in and attribute them to Russ Warner.

Demetrios Dardanis by Spartan

One last Spartan for the night. I'm sorry it is not in the best shape, but man -- look at that butt -- and those legs! Whoah! ;-)

Bill Cunny by Spartan

A new name to me -- it might also be "Conway" --?

Johnny Murphy by Spartan

Do you think he was aware of the way he filled out that pouch?

Bo Larsson by Foto Grafo

A great big bruiser from Sweden!

Hans Olof P. by Foto Grafo

Foto Grafo was a studio based in Sweden and was fairly prolific in the early/mid-60s. The unknown man behind the camera had a thing for sailors (or, at least, men in sailor drag). The two best known models from the studio were Tore Lind and Per Taboldy. A hallmark of the Foto Grafo studio was that most of the photos were nudes -- remember, it was from Europe that the "nudist" craze (and magazines) came from, which would help to finally make nude images in the US legal...

The back of these two photos had the studio's address as well as the model's name stamped on it. Would any Swedish visitors know what the "P." would be short for?

Glen Porter by Bruce of LA

Looks like the BMOC football captain that all the girls (and some of the boys) drooled over back in the late 50's...

unknown beefcake from AMG

Hirsute models like this were pretty rare back in the day -- and a real joy to find!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cliff Harris by Dave Martin

Dave Martin focused on photographing amateur athletes, found in and around San Francisco's college campuses.

In 2003, Stanford University acquired 2600 Dave Martin photographs for their permanent archives.

David George by Bruce of LA