Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't miss John Palatinus in Berlin!

John Palatinus is coming to Berlin on September 7!

Hey guys, long time no see...

It's been a long summer -- very hot, lots of weird hours at work, and when I've not been feeling too beat, I've been working on restoring more of John's photos. And faster than I would have expected, the next exhibit is upon us!

If you are anywhere near Berlin the evening of September 7, I hope you will stop by the Cafe Des Artistes at Fuggerstr. 35, 10777 Berlin and meet John and view the 42 prints we have brought back to life. Only a year and a half ago we premiered John's work at Rick Castro's Antebellum with 18 prints... we've come so far!

One of the neat things about the timing of this event is that we are part of the lead-up to Folsom Europe weekend! Leather and fetish abound -- sure to be quite a sight and experience! I've never experienced the original San Francisco Folsom, so I am looking forward to this very much. Who knew I'd have to travel halfway 'round the world to be surrounded by my gorgeous leather and rubber brothers--?

On the afternoon of the 8th John and I are going to the Schwules [Gay] Museum to donate one of his original 8x10's and a suite of 8 of his new prints for their permanent collection. That evening will be a "Dinner With John" at Restaurant Antiqua,
Eisenacher Str. 59 – 10823 Berlin.

A couple more parties will be held on Saturday, the 10th --
Fetish-Reception on FOLSOM-EUROPE
4pm at CAFÉ DES ARTISTES – free entry
Special: features John Palatinus-Shooting by

• SATURDAY 10th Sept. 2011 GOYA: PROPAGANDA PARTY - start: 11.59pm
BEEFCAKE PARTY – VIP-LOUNGE with John & friends

All thanks must go to Bernd, John's friend and European Projekt Manager, for putting all these (and probably more!) events together. He and his posse have made this a truly exciting and memorable year for John. He is tireless -- after all these events, he's still going to be out all night! LOL!

It's 10:30PM now and I have to get up at 3:00AM to get to the airport for my trip to Europe. Willem and I are flying out to Amsterdam for a few days before we take the train to Berlin and meet up with John and Bernd. My second time to Europe in a year -- who'da thunk it?

I will say good night now -- I hope I get to meet some of my readers at the opening night reception -- just ask around, I'll be there all night!

Don't forget to check out Bernd's website for John at

I'll be back in a couple of weeks with some event pics to share! Meanwhile, let me say goodnight with the lastest print in the exhibit...