Friday, February 22, 2008

Gordon McKay by Vince of London

One last slab of beef for the day -- goodnight, buddies!

Bill Seno (part 2) by Countryman

Bill was not only an ultra-buff model for Kris, he was a competitive bodybuilder with a career ranging from 1961 up through 1973 (thanks to MuscleMemory for the info!)

I have no idea who "Countryman" might have been...

Bill Seno (part 1) by Kris of Chicago

One last batch from Kris for this evening...

Fred Otero by Kris of Chicago

More macho goodness from Kris!

Larry Roznos by Kris of Chicago

I'm back from vacation -- thanks for hanging in there!

Let's start with a few pics of studly Larry Roznos from Chuck Renslow's Kris Studio...