Tuesday, May 10, 2011

John Palatinus in Antwerp!

The adventures of John Palatinus in Europe continue!

Following on from his great success in Paris, I'm proud to announce the Vernissage (Opening Night Reception) for my friend John Palatinus at the Winkelhaak Design Center in Antwerp on Thursday, May 12.

While the official tentoonstelling (exhibition) runs from June 2 to 26, a special preview reception will be held on May 12 at which John will be attending to meet fans of the vintage male physique -- all of whom are destined to fall under the spell of the infamous Palatinus Mystique! Once you meet John, you will never forget him! John had long-planned this current European trip, so I send out great kudos to the folks at the Winkelhaak for arranging this early reception to take advantage of his being in the neighborhood.

I wish I could be there with John and Bernd, but I know Bernd will have lots of photos taken and John will let me know all about it when he comes home in a few weeks.

By all means, if you live anywhere near Antwerp, take that drive or ride that train into town and meet the man and discover his art! You will not be disappointed!

My thanks to "De Magneet" for featuring a two-page article on John in their Spring issue (pages 34 and 35)
-- available to read for free here and also on their Facebook page

More thanks to my friends at Pinkwave Radio,
Antwerp's weekly gay affairs program, for featuring a discussion of John's work on their April 7th show, which has been archived at their website here. It is, of course, in Flemish Dutch!

For a taste of Pinkwave in beautifully-accented English, you can catch their interview with me (yeah, really!) from last September on the occasion of John's one-day "dry-run" exhibit in Liege by clicking here. Please forgive all the "umms" and "uhhs" -- I'm a terrible public speaker, even over the phone. Kurt and Paul were quite gracious and enthusiastic interviewers and I'm very grateful for their interest in promoting John's work to their listeners. At one point in the interview, I was asked if the exhibition might make its way to Antwerp and I replied that we would love to bring it there -- I'm so glad that Bernd was able to fulfill that dream!

If my European friends are not able to attend the vernissage with John (which I just realized was timed to hit just before Belgian Pride in Brussels),

I certainly encourage you to visit the show during it's run in June (ending the week of Gay Pride in Antwerp).I may be a bit biased (you think?) but it is a great exhibit of physique artwork, and I guarantee you'll find a model you'll fall in love with! ;-)

I can't finish without a shot of the man himself, enjoying the attentions of "Eddie and Patsy" -- "Absolutely Fabulous" certainly describes this exciting artist!

Official website --

His arrest was criminal --

physique art by William MacLane

Mid-late 50's artist from Seattle, Washington.

Update 11-12-11 -- I discovered today that this piece is titled "Game's Over" and was print #17 as offered on MacLane's catalog C.

Sig Ulmanis by Kris

physique art by Dean

I found three examples of Dean's art a while back and here's the first one, circa 1963. Sadly, I have no further info to share about the artist, other than that the work was printed and sold through the mail just like other physique photos.

the benefits of working out --

Eddie Padilla by Bruce of LA