Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jerald Reed by Joe Weber

Ray Routledge by Russ Warner

Jack Renio by Bruce of LA

It sometimes can be disconcerting to discover the actual color of some of those posing straps... :-)

Macy Gray! - "Kissed It" and "Beauty in the World"

I went to see the new "Sex and the City 2" last week and amid the terrible commercials one is forced to sit through before the feature starts was one for the "Bravo" TV network -- an absolutely abysmal channel. HOWEVER! I was very happy to sit through it, as the song featured over the visuals was from the upcoming album "The Sellout" by Macy Gray!

Macy is one of those artists you either love or loathe -- her voice is definitely unique. Her first three albums were on constant rotation on my mp3 player when riding the subway and bus to work in the mid-00s. The new album comes out on June 22 and I will buying it the first day and loving it that night!

Here are two live performances of songs from the new album, "Kissed It" (the Bravo commercial song) and "Beauty in the World" -- taken from the British TV show "Later with Jools Holland."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet John Palatinus in San Francisco this Saturday!

Hi guys,

I'm going up to San Francisco on Saturday to join my friend John Palatinus at the opening reception of "Chronotopia" -- "the National Queer Arts Festival’s annual visual arts exhibition [which] explores the past, present and future of queer people that will permanently alter the way you think about queer art and history."

The reception starts at 3:00 and I'm really looking forward to this exhibit. Aside from seeing John's work displayed with that of 60 other artists, I'm very intrigued by the wide range of queer art that will be on display, only a tiny amount of which is on display at Chronotopia's web page.

More from their website -- Where [else] can you see images of the first African-American drag queen crowned "Ms Gay Charleston, South Carolina, 1978” alongside beautiful 1958 beefcake boys and gun-toting cowgirl lesbians? Where do trans crafters meet specters of Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Emily Duckinson?

This exhibition captures the multiple dimensions of queer time and place; locates queer lives in relation to complex communities; and remembers historical moments that are framed and re-framed by the present. It also offers alternative approaches to the historical record that challenge a fixed chronology of events and complicate the idea of memory.

The exhibition’s multidimensional visions of our queer history suggest limitless potentialities and vantage points, where conflicting desires and narratives coexist, where ghosts converse with the living, where we imagine impossible possibilities, and where we record our histories in new and challenging ways--Chronotopia.

The event is being held at the SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan St, San Francisco. There is a map available here. The exhibit is scheduled to run through June 26.

It's going to be a whirlwind trip for me -- literally less than 24 hours in the city, due to work restrictions back home. But hanging out with John is always a blast, and hopefully we will be able to spend time with John's buddy Greg Day, himself an artist whose work is also part of Chronotopia (in fact, one of his images, "Ms. Africa," is the main advertising images for the show!), and we might be able to meet up with our new friend Bob, whom we met at the Antebellum show events.

I hope some of my readers can make it to this free event. John loves to meet fans of the Golden Age (and any other age, as well -- as the man himself is timeless!) and it would be a real gas for me to meet someone who actually reads this stuff! ;-)

Take care, fellas!