Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Shore Leave" by Quaintance

Hello buddies,

This is going to be my last post for a few weeks, as I am heading out on vacation tomorrow. I know I haven't been too regular with my posts, and for those of you who have been coming back regularly for new photos, I do apologize. At least now, you know not to bother for a bit! Please come back for a visit on Feb. 22, and we'll have some more fun poring over these funny old photos together again, okay?

Wishing you all the best,


Phil Knight by Bruce of LA

I've enjoyed looking at Phil for quite a while now. His squinty smile/smirk reminds me of an old friend from high school... *sigh!* If only he hadn't been straight! (My friend, that is -- I don't know about Phil --!)

(A new scan from an original 8x10 -- thanks, B.!)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Phil Lambert by WPG

Last for tonight -- take care, buddies!

Jacques Chenier by Luc Geslin

From an unidentified issue of "Tomorrow's Man."

Andrew Salvador by Spartan

A companion piece to the pose posted back in June of last year.

Roger Conte by Milo

Most of Pat Milo's studies of Mr. Conte are of him in the nude (and for good reason), but I rather like these costume shots, too...

Tommy Haxton by Bob Anthony

Posing pouches are fine, but give me a guy in a jockstrap any day!

In Living Color - Chet Hilkert by Champion

Words escape me... ;-)

A stunner from Bruce of LA -- !

Sure would like to know his name (and find more pictures of him!)...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Muscle Beach show-off by Bruce of LA

three shots from "Otoko" by Tamotsu Yato

Tamotsu Yato, born circa 1928, died 1973, left behind three important but virtually forgotten books of photography -- "Young Samurai: Bodybuilders of Japan" (1967), "Naked Festival: a photo essay" (1969) and his masterpiece, "Otoko: Photo-studies of the Young Japanese Male" (1972). While the first two books have a definite appeal with their barely-clad subjects, they are still rather straightforward presentations of their subjects. On the other hand, "Otoko" was very definitely the work of a gay man taking photographs meant to appeal to other gay men.

More to come from Mr. Yato soon...!

In Living Color - Johnny Stumps by AMG

Three shots of Johnny from "Premiere" #1, published by DSI in 1968. By the time Johnny came along the posing pouch was history, but he still gives off an innocent air in these photos. Many thanks to Paul for these new scans!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Forrester Millard by AMG

One of AMG's iconic models...

Lars Anderson by AMG

Love those jean shorts!

Jud Carlin by Champion

A nice rugged guy... and get a grip on those nips--!

Eddie Gaglio by Lon of NY

Circa 1946... a great natural build!

In Living Color - Glen Hudson by WPG

Color work by WPG isn't found too often, so it was a nice surprise to find this slide on eBay recently.

Earl Kirk by Douglas of Detroit

This pose appeared at the v-m-p Yahoogroup recently (Hi, Rick!) and I thought it would find a few fans here...