Friday, June 29, 2007

Roy Hilligenn in the open air... Part 2

Roy Hilligenn in the open air... Part 1

Roy was Mr. America in 1951, but had no qualms about posing nude -- and 56 years later we are still grateful for that! Roy had an off-kilter handsomeness about him -- that squint and that grimace/smile -- a very distinctive look. He was photographed primarily by Russ Warner, and these shots of Roy look very much like Warner's work. However, a couple of shots in second set in this series (of Roy in the barn, which by all appearances were shot at the same location) have also been attributed to Bruce of LA.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

more Sailors!

...a few more, as I can't attach more than 5 pics to a post -- and because there are just so damn many of 'em!! :-)

[2 lads enacting a scene for British bondage maestro Basil "Hussar" Clavering, an unknown model by Michael Denning, an unidentified stud undressing by Milo, Mike White (also by Milo), and Bruce of LA's Mel Bates as the quintessential sailor "rough trade" type.]


Sailors have been the source of many a gay man's fantasy for thousands of years (Jason and the Argonauts, anyone?) The "real thing" can't be beat, but a good looking man in just a sailor cap will fit the bill nicely, thank you. Here's a tiny look at what I'm on about....

[2 authentic sailor snaps, a portrait by Lon of NY of what may be two authentic swabbies, and Ray Bloom and Tony Mueller by AMG.

Jerry Rocco by Lon of NY

Alonzo Hanagan was a New York-based photographer who specialized in nudes in the 40s and 50s. He was a prolific photographer for the mainstream musclemags of the 40s and 50s, and he published several physique magazines [of his own work] as well. Not all of his models dropped their posing pouches for his private shots, but a lot of them sure did -- just like Jerry here...

[There is an article about Lon at Matthew "Boy Culture" Rettenmund's blog -click here for a great read and some fine photos!]

Monday, June 25, 2007

more men in briefs - Rock Granger by Champion

Walter K. often photographed his men in skimpy, and/or sheer briefs, but here's the ever-popular Rock Granger at work in just his Jockeys...

more men in briefs - Ted Wills by Milo

Pat Milo really liked using this square format for his photos.

Jimmy Lewis in his BVDs - by AMG

Bob Mizer kept quite a few posing straps on hand for his models' use during his 45 years of business, but it looks like this nameless young stud just felt more comfortable in his briefs -- lucky us!

-- Update 4/24/16!  Thanks to Jirv for identifying Mr. Lewis!

sleek nude studio sprinter from the 30s (?)

No info on this one, but it has the hallmarks of a 30s photo meant for the artist-in-training circuit...

late 60s nude duo by J. Brian

Once it became legal to publish a completely nude male figure (c. 1966-1968) and the posing straps fell away, the need to couch erotic male images in coy costumes and poses gave way to blatant, in your face exhibitionism. Still, for all that, there was a "cross-over" period where the studios/photographers still tried to get good-looking guys and pose them in pleasing ways before they realized that any pic with a hard-on would do to make a buck.

The man known as "J. Brian" (I have a bio of him somewhere, written by a friend of his -- I'll try to find it one of these days) came into his own during this cross-over phase, and some of his nudes are quite wonderful. He stayed in the male erotica business into the 70s and, I believe, the early 80s, publishing magazines and even producing films.

These two make a nice couple...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

unknowns by Palatinus

A couple of unidentified models from the studio of Palatinus...

**Update 2/6/10**

This is long overdue, but to set the record "straight" (as they say) --

The biker is "Brad" from the "Bob 'n' Brad" set and the sailor is Tony Ames.

Pete Andrews by Palatinus, c.1958

John Palatinus was a New York-based photographer of the 50s and 60s -- and I wish I knew more than that about him! He did straightforward studio poses and veered off into wild camp -- as this shot of Pete Andrews will attest!

Andy Buck by Douglas of Detroit

Douglas Juleff is best known for taking nude studies of his models -- at a time when a jail sentence was almost a certainty if (when) a photographer was found to possess such work in his studio -- or was discovered through a postal "sting" operation.

Paul Moroney by Champion

A classic college jock from the lens of Walter Kundzicz.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Stan Gergoshian by AMG

A classic clean-cut young man from the lens of Bob Mizer's AMG studio, circa early 50s.

Andrew Salvador by Spartan

Beautiful studio shot -- interesting how the lower half of the body is faded out -- intentionally?

Charles Treard by Harvest, c. 1968

I rediscovered this photo in my files the other day and fell in love (again). This looks like a mainstream musclemag photo, but who is he? Googling came up zip...