Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

(image courtesy of Woolf and Wilde)

Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy year.

Let's make this new one something to remember -- and I mean that in the best possible way!

Cheers, fellas!

Check out "The Island of Naked Men"

There's a new blogger in the vintage male arena, and I'd like everyone to check him out. Gordon's "L'Ile des Hommes Nus" -- that's "The Island of Naked Men" according to Google, though perhaps "Nude" would be a more appropriate translation -- promises to bring you to "An imaginary place where men enjoy the outside naked and free. A photo blog dedicated to the male body, illustrated by vintage physique pictures."

So far he's made four posts in four days (a much better track record than I've ever accomplished!) and each is a stunner. Please check out his site and give him some encouragement!

Glenn Bishop and buddy!

What a terrific photo -- two prime portions of beefcake, flexing and smiling just for you!

Of course, the young man on the right is icon Glenn Bishop, but who is that on the left? I'm 95% sure that it is Tim Sweeney. Since both Glenn and Tim are known to have been photographed by Cliff Oettinger, I'm going to attribute this photo to him. If anyone can confirm or deny my guesses, please feel free to write me!

Karl Kruger (aka Phil Knight) by AMG

Bruce of LA's photos are more well-known, but AMG snapped Karl (or Phil, if you prefer) first!

I wonder if Karl just finished watching the New Year's festivities and is heading off to bed, just like me? :-P

unknown blond Tarzan!

Here David shares a scan of a photo from his personal collection! This might be an AMG photo but I'm not 100% sure of that.

Jean Ferrero assortment

Some wonderful nudes by the incomparable Jean Ferrero, courtesy of our pal David!

I don't have names for any of these gents, except for photo #4 -- the blond is Frank Hollfelder and the brunet is Francois Rossi.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bob by John Palatinus

Here's a photo by another man who knew how to pack a model into a pair of pants!

In the Summer 1958 issue of "Physique Pictorial," Bob Mizer wrote the following article on what he deemed excesses by a couple of certain photographers --


Though the great majority of persons interested in physique photography and art are idealistic in their concepts and are dismayed at vulgar displays, there seems to be a limited segment with a one-track mind interested in seeing an exaggerated masculine appendage. While the average physique photographer does not force his models to wear a steel corset or truss under trousers or trunks to insure complete lack of form, neither does he go out of his way to point up more form than is naturally apparent. But a couple of photographers, particularly one on the U. S. East Coast and one in England, have apparently reasoned that if girls with flat breasts can wear falsies, why can’t ungifted men do something similar. Consequently, one of these uses an object known as a “dildoe,” while the other employs an old sock appropriately molded. The result tends to be ludicrous rather than sensual. While some customers of these firms have been offended by the ridiculous, unnatural exaggerations, others have been annoyed by the insult to their intelligence.

There is a considerable difference between a picture done for vulgar display and one done to portray beauty and handsomeness. There is also a certain border line which it is wise for photographers to consider a “no man’s land.” This border line shifts from year to year – sometimes more liberal, sometimes more strict. Greedy or unthinking photographers who consistently go to the extreme tend actually to galvanize the opposition to all physical display, and thereby push the borderline into the stricter side.

Frankly, we feel that an athlete sporting an exaggerated artificial “bulge” looks as ridiculous and unaesthetic as a boy sticking out his tongue. We have personally written our sentiments to some of the offending photographers but thus far they have remained silent. If you should at any time receive mailings from such firms, write them a letter urging them to keep their offerings clean and thus avoid catastrophe for themselves as well as the entire physique field.

The two artists he was referring to were obviously John Palatinus and Scott of London (Tom Nicoll). Both artists' sensibilities were sympatico, though they formed independently on separate shores. In 1959, Palatinus would be arrested for selling his "lewd" photos through the mail, and in the very early 60s Nicoll would put his camera away, apparently voluntarily.

Now, 50 years later, you'll be able to see this photo of Bob as part of an exhibit of Palatinus' work to be held in Paris at the gallery Au Bonheur Du Jour in just a few weeks....

My, how the world has changed!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ray Swales by Scott of London

A wonderful slab of British Beef! (With thanks to Dan for the scans.)

Tom Nicoll was seen in San Francisco as recently as 2009, according to famous leatherman Brandon Clark. His work in the early fifties was an inspiration to Tom of Finland, and continues to spark feverish fetishy dreams in all who continue to discover his art.

This devoted fan thanks you for your wonderful images, Mr. Nicoll!

Martin Moss by WPG

I'm trusting the attribution on this one, but it should be noted that Bruce of LA also photographed Martin in the same locations used by Don Whitman.

Jim Smith by Bruce of LA

Nothing like a little muscle to start the day (too bad about the baggy pouch, though!)...