Friday, December 31, 2010

Jean Ferrero assortment

Some wonderful nudes by the incomparable Jean Ferrero, courtesy of our pal David!

I don't have names for any of these gents, except for photo #4 -- the blond is Frank Hollfelder and the brunet is Francois Rossi.


Dave Kong said...

The blonde guy it photo four looks like it might be David Zyborg.

Anonymous said...

The guy in photo 3 is Pierre Ross.

Anonymous said...

The last pic is Evrard Messayn.

Bob Kurtz said...

The pair in photo 4 are:

Frank Hollfelder and Francois Rossi.

Frank was both a nude/physique model and a photographer in the 60s, as well as a champion body builder.

Francious was a competitive French bodybuilder in the 60s

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh...their soo HOT all their dicks are soo sexy!