Monday, November 24, 2008

Bill Melby by WPG

It's late and my eyes are burning, so good night, fellas!

Physique art by Quaintance

For my new friend Paco, here are a few George Quaintance prints...




Bob Schwartz by AMG

With great thanks to Derek who sent me the huge, stunning scan of the fourth pose the other day -- just beautiful, buddy!

The Mighty Clarence Ross

(most likely photographed by Russ Warner)

Bob Ospen by Milo

A relatively rare pouch shot by Pat Milo (who, like Dave Martin, preferred his men naked as the day they were born).

But seriously... Unknown cowboy by AMG

Ahh, those rolled-up jeanshorts!

because life is more than physique...

I luv da Cheezburger lolcats!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

beach acrobat, 1944

Sanford "Sandy" Alcorn by Dave Martin

I posted a couple of pics of "All-American" Sandy last year by Rip Searby, nice musclemag-type shots -- here's a more personal view!

Dave Martin is known for shooting his models in the nude just about 99 44/100% of the time, and Sandy, a well-known physique model of the 50s, found himself coaxed into stripping down as well. Most of Martin's models were San Francisco-area college students, so it's nice to see his take on some "name" models from time to time!

Bud Taylor by Bruce of LA

Always nice to find a slightly more mature specimen at Bruce's studio... (and thanks to Dan for the scan!)

Bryan King by Pete Dobing

Another hunk of British beef, c. 1955, courtesy of Jim S.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I believe this is George Francis "Squanto" Wilson, who played five games of baseball for the Detroit Tigers in 1911, and one game as a member of the Boston Red Sox in 1914.  Doesn't he look a lot like the actor Brendan Fraser?

Vern Bicker by Bruce of LA

Spencer Churchill

The British legend, on the cover of Body Culture for October/November, 1950 -- photographer unknown.

Johnny Glynn by AMG

Kip Leonard by AMG