Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tore Lind by Champion

Continuing on from below -- a couple of smiley color shots to end the day!

Tore Lind - attributed to FotoGrafo

Browsing through some unlabeled scans from "Tiger" #2 I found these early shots of the popular Tore Lind. Models and photographers are unattributed in the magazine, but most of the images are clearly from the Scandinavian studio FotoGrafo (the distinctive sailor cap is a dead giveaway). Tore would have some wonderful shots taken by Walter Kundzicz/Champion in the early/mid 60s, but I think these were taken before Walter's.

John Knight by Bruce of LA

Gene Meyer by AMG

These pics are courtesy of regular visitor Robert -- I can't believe I hadn't posted some Eugene here before!

Both photos are by AMG -- I love the glow on Gene's back hair in that first shot. Funny how times change you -- 20 years ago I would have went "Ewwwwww!!"

The third photo shows how some magazine editors were worried with low-slung pouches. There is nary a trace of pubic hair, but he still felt the need to draw in a bathing suit.