Friday, March 27, 2009

Joe Napolie by AMG

Oh, darn it, just found this one -- can't wait, so one more... For all you armpit aficionados!

Now I mean it -- time for bed!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joe Napolie in all his glory

Most likely by Pat Milo.

Hope you liked this set, fellas! Good night!

Cherokee as we wished to know him...

Cherokee (aka Everett Lee Jackson) was a major physique star -- he didn't mind dropping trou for the leading photographers, but getting him to grab himself must have been a pretty big coup (possibly by Milo?).

I'd be smiling too...

Lifeguards by Etienne

Etienne's artwork in the 60s was sold through the mail as photo sets, just like every other physique photo. The sets tended to tell a short story in 6 parts. Here's a single piece -- I find it a quite wonderful painting!

clean-cut hunk

blond sailor buddy

Hale and hearty -- or is that hard-y? ;-) The blurriness to the photo attests to it being a copy print (or copy of a copy) but even so, I know this made someone very happy every time they whipped it out...

New visitors to the blog are still leaving "Yes, more!" messages to my first "naughty" post -- the entry that has received the most vocal attention. Well, let's see what I can find in the next few minutes...

one more by Joe Weber

...just because he's so spectacular!

(Sorry these aren't any larger, guys!)

muscular nude by Joe Weber

...and then there's this this hunky young guy, in a full-on nude 8x10, that only hit $22.82. Go figure!

classic studio shot by Joe Weber

Looking through eBay, it is interesting to see the prices that some photos get (and don't get). One dealer has been selling a huge selection of photos by Joe Weber over the last few months, usually starting them at around $3.00 a pop. This one, an 8x10, topped out at $124.50.

classic study

Jim Grant by AMG

For Maciste --

Is this the Jim Grant you're looking for? If so, I'm sorry to say this is the only photo I have of him, from "Physique Pictorial" circa 1956.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keith Stephan by AMG

One of the great, bulky musclemen of the early 50s who split their time between the competition stage and the physique camera (and Keith had no problem revealing all...).

Dick Dene by Bruce of LA

Dick Dene and Roman Ragazzi -- the hairiest models of two different ages -- separated at birth? LOL!

Steve Reeves and George Eiferman by Bruce of LA

Steve may be the classic muscleman of all time, but George Eiferman is so my cup of tea!

(By the way, this shot is from the 1949 Mr. USA contest, in which Steve placed 3rd and George was 4th [but 1st in my heart!])

Helmut Reidmeier by Champion

The Lats of Heaven...

buff blond on a bench

This is a scan of a photo I bought years ago. I believe it is by Bruce of LA, but there are no markings on the back of the photo, so I can't be positive. I'm not even positive he's a blond -- looking at it anew, he might be a redhead, which would make him even hotter -- there's nothing I like better than a rough n' buff redhead! LOL!

Lou Degni by Lon of NY

Time for some classic muscleman beefcake...!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bob Estelita by California Models


Have a good night, guys!

The look that says...

"Are we almost done here? I just want my twenty dollars already..."

jock in jeans

Joe Tiffenbach is back...

...continuing from the series I posted back on February 2 -- and thanks to Anonymous for the ID!


smooth as silk

the phone always rings at the most awkward moments...

I love half-naked guys in black t-shirts.

Ken Dockter by AMG

I have folders within folders within folders of photos that I've collected over the last decade, so I am constantly re-discovering photos that I haven't seen in years and thinking "Wow! How could I forget I had that one?" Case in point -- this beautiful shot of Ken Dockter by Bob Mizer (a superlative scan by Dan!).

Dale Curry au naturel

Normally associated with AMG, these shots could be by Mizer's associate Fred Kovert. A beauty, in any case!

simply stunning! part 2

This one is courtesy of Paul, in response to a post back on February 11. He was pretty sure it was the same guy, but as his face is turned away he didn't want to claim it 100%. Well buddy, you have a great eye -- just look a few inches back from the wrist in both pics and you'll notice the same dark mark! Now, if we can just find his name (the quest continues!)...

Hank Mason by Adam

No idea who "Adam" was, but I'm pretty sure these images came from either "Muscleboy" or "The Young Physique."

Helmut Reidmeier by Champion

Hi, Maciste... ;-)

(Getting closer to the big reveal...)

Jim Nelson by Milo

Love the use of the mirror in the second shot!

Lennart Petterson by Sven Swede

A hallmark of the Swedish photographers were the large numbers of men in sailor caps...!

Jan Rudman by Stan of Sweden

Oh, daddy...!

Joergen Hermansson by Foto Grafo

A little something for Tor --

I'm sorry to say that I am unaware of any photographers from Norway. However, your next-door neighbor, Sweden, has produced a few studios -- "Stan of Sweden," "Sven Swede," and the more well-known (but sadly anonymous) "Foto Grafo." Little is known about any of these photographers, apart from their post office boxes. If there were some physique photographers from Norway, I'd love to find out about them!

(I did have a huge crush on Norway's Gunnar Rosbo back around 1980!)