Monday, April 21, 2008

Jim Lassiter by AMG

Jim was also promoted as "Larry Lamb" -- here he is in some classic Bob Mizer kitsch...!

In Living Color - Jim Stryker by Champion

The heartthrob of a generation...

Elmo Santiago by Lon of NY

Sorry the pic is so small, but the subject is so beautiful...

Elmo's competitive bodybuilding career spanned more than 20 years!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bert Elliott by Bruce of LA

...because more beefy dudes need to sit on short plaster pedestals!

In Living Color - Mike Sill

Mr. Utah 1956, and one of the Golden Greats of the physique era -- Mike Sill! Here he is in a pose I just found, in a setting I've not seen before. Judging by the hair color, this is either by Dave Martin or Bob Delmonteque (Bruce snapped him when he was a blond...). Sorry the pic is so small, but I thought it important to share...

...and yet more David O'Boyle by AMG!

more David O'Boyle by AMG

How can I refuse so many requests for more of badboy O'Boyle...?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

David O'Boyle by AMG

David was a frequent visitor to the AMG Studios in the mid-late sixties -- Bob Mizer took photos of him over a several year span. Here is a page from Physique Pictorial from around 1966, introducing the world to this hunky badboy. He fell in and out of Mizer's favor, as his commentary in future issues of PP would show (but Bob new a fan-favorite when he saw one, and had no compunctions about showcasing a model he wasn't particularly fond of at the time!). I've followed this up with a few nudes that show David looking very serious -- not the devil-may-care attitude we normally associate with him.

More to come soon...!

Joe Lynes by WPG

Don Whitman never had a problem with his models' pubes peeking out from behind their posing pouches -- for which thousands of men have been eternally grateful!

(Thanks to FD for these scans!)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

unknown mustachioed "Thinker"

A pose used by all of the physique photographers at one time or another, this one from the 40s... All thanks to M. Rodin for the original inspiration! ;-)

unknown smokin' greaser...


Richard DuBois by AMG

Looking mean and massive -- just how I like 'em!

Randy Smith by Bruce of LA

Manny Cabral by Bruce of LA

Jack Harris by Spartan

I actually own these 4x5's -- I won them a couple years back on eBay. They had some damage to them, but the "framing" it gives the model almost (almost!) enhances the photo. Scanned nice and large for your enjoyment...!