Wednesday, June 27, 2012

John Palatinus in Warsaw - June 28!


bis 01.. 07 2012
OTWARCIE 28.06.2012 – 19.00
Robert Biedroń - member of the Polish Parliament
                                         - poseł na Sejm RP
Niezwykły artysta. Niezwykła wystawa. Niezwykły wernisaż.

W ramach swojego europejskiego tournee (Liege, Paryż, Londyn, Warszawa, Antwerpia, Kolonia, Berlin) przyjeżdża do Polski fotografik John Palatinus, pionier fotografii aktu męskiego. Jedyny żyjący artysta złotej ery fotografii "male physique". Jego twórczość była inspiracją dla takich artystów jak Robert Mapllethorpe. W dniach od 28 czerwca do 1 lipca 2012 w warszawskim klubie M25 będzie można obejrzeć jego prace z lat 1954-1959.

Mam dla Ciebie bezpłatne zaproszenie na wernisaż. Wystarczy wydrukować zaproszenie i przyjść w przyszły czwartek 28 czerwca o 19 do klubu M 25 w Warszawie. Możesz nie tylko zobaczyć fotografię ale i osobiście poznać artystę.

pozdrawiam i do zobaczenia (mam nadzieję)

[courtesy of Google Translate --
bis 01. 07 2012
OPENING 06/28/2012 - 19:00
JOHN Palatinus, Palm Springs, USA LIVE / Present!
Robert Biedron - member of the Polish Parliament
                                          - Member of Parliament
CLUB "M25"

An unusual artist. The extraordinary exhibition. The unusual opening.

As part of its European tour (Liege, Paris, London, Warsaw, Antwerp, Cologne, Berlin) come to Polish photographer John Palatinus, a pioneer of photography act masculine. The only living artist, the golden age of photography "male physique". His work was an inspiration for artists such as Robert Mapllethorpe. From 28 June to 1 July 2012 in Warsaw club M25 will be on his works from the years 1954-1959.

I have for you a free invitation to the opening. Simply print the invitation and come in next Thursday 28 June at 19 to 25 M club in Warsaw. You not only see a photograph but get to know the artist personally.

greet and see you (I hope)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

2 by Palatinus

Here are the two latest additions to the traveling Palatinus Exhibit -- Leatherman Brad and bathing beauty Marty....

Hope you're all having fun in Berlin this weekend, boys!!

(Special thanks to Pablo for sending me the raw scan of Brad from the original 4x5 in his collection.  I first posted this shot of Brad back in 2007, using a small scan found on eBay.  It was that post that led John to first contact me.  I'm glad that, with Pablo's help, I was able to restore this photo and add it to the exhibit -- John's always fancied this pose!)

Friday, June 15, 2012

John Palatinus -- back in Berlin!

Well, I totally screwed this one up, folks.  John is back in Berlin for a brief showing of his work at the Werkstattgalerie during the 20th Annual Gay and Lesbian Street Fair, Motzstrassenfest.  Stupid me, I had it in mind that the opening night event with John was Saturday night -- but as I started to pull the links together for this post I discovered it was actually last night on the 14th!

Damn, am I going to catch hell for this one!

Anyway, Berliners (and revelers visiting Berlin) will still have time to visit the exhibit at Eisenacher Str. 6 during the Street Fair proper, June 16 and 17 -- and I bet John will be popping in there during both days from time to time.  There are now 49 of his late-50s beefcake photos in the traveling collection, as well as some of his pre-beefcake photos of Paris that inspired his further work in photography.  Everyone who visits one of John's shows has a good time, so please, if you're at the fair, duck into the Werkstattgalerie and discover 1950s beefcake in a new and exiting way!

I'm going to give everyone a heads-up now that the exhibit's next stop in Europe is going to be Warsaw, Poland!  Opening June 28 and running through July 1 at, if I read this right, Klub M25.

The final stop of the summer will be back in Germany -- in Cologne!  From July 5 through the 14, catch the show at Die Kunstagentin, Maastrichter Str. 26 (in the Belgian Quarter).

More news and updates as I get them -- and fingers crossed for a trip across the Channel to England this fall!

Sal Severino by Lon of NY

Sometimes I see Sal's last name as "Savarino" -- but more often with the "e" so that's the version I'm sticking with...

Ray Routledge

Hunky Ray Routledge in the open air -- with an inked pouch but a very revealing shadow...

This is most likely by Russ Warner, but I can't be 100% positive, as all my other shots of Ray by Russ are studio poses.

Frank Giardina

Frank modeled for Lon of NY, but he is also known as a photographer in his own right.  This quartet of images may be self-portraits.

Bill Bredlau by Quaintance

Quaintance used Bill as photo-reference in a number of his paintings -- here are three of him with a cigarette in his hand -- not something you see too often in physique photographs!

Peter Gordon by Spartan

A shot of Peter with sword -- I've only ever seen this pose in very poor quality before (which I posted here in November of 2007) -- nice to finally find an excellent clear scan!