Friday, June 15, 2012

John Palatinus -- back in Berlin!

Well, I totally screwed this one up, folks.  John is back in Berlin for a brief showing of his work at the Werkstattgalerie during the 20th Annual Gay and Lesbian Street Fair, Motzstrassenfest.  Stupid me, I had it in mind that the opening night event with John was Saturday night -- but as I started to pull the links together for this post I discovered it was actually last night on the 14th!

Damn, am I going to catch hell for this one!

Anyway, Berliners (and revelers visiting Berlin) will still have time to visit the exhibit at Eisenacher Str. 6 during the Street Fair proper, June 16 and 17 -- and I bet John will be popping in there during both days from time to time.  There are now 49 of his late-50s beefcake photos in the traveling collection, as well as some of his pre-beefcake photos of Paris that inspired his further work in photography.  Everyone who visits one of John's shows has a good time, so please, if you're at the fair, duck into the Werkstattgalerie and discover 1950s beefcake in a new and exiting way!

I'm going to give everyone a heads-up now that the exhibit's next stop in Europe is going to be Warsaw, Poland!  Opening June 28 and running through July 1 at, if I read this right, Klub M25.

The final stop of the summer will be back in Germany -- in Cologne!  From July 5 through the 14, catch the show at Die Kunstagentin, Maastrichter Str. 26 (in the Belgian Quarter).

More news and updates as I get them -- and fingers crossed for a trip across the Channel to England this fall!

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