Thursday, March 17, 2022

Forrester Millard by AMG Athletic Model Guild

 One of Bob Mizer's earliest models, and one of his favorites.  This image was photographed circa 1950 (possibly earlier).  Forrester would make a return to AMG in the late 50s as "Forrest D'Orlac" in a great series of dual poses with John Tristram.  Thanks to titanusgallery on ebay for this image - a brilliant moment captured by Mizer!

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Tabby Anderson by AMG


Tabby has been a favorite of mine from the moment I first saw him, twenty or so years ago.  This is a new photo of him that I just found and had to share with you right away.  His eyes are telling a story, but I'm not sure which one - is he tired, or just bored?  I've never seen a shot of him without either his smiling face or intense gaze.  I think he's just tired, ready to take a shower to clean off the oil, and get his fee from Bob so that he can take his girlfriend out for dinner!