Friday, July 18, 2008

Juwa LaVonce by AMG

Everything about Juwa is perfect -- even his pit hair! ;-)

(What do you think of the sewing job on this pouch, JD?)

That's all for me, guys -- have a great weekend!

John Grimek by unknown

John Grimek was a fixture on bodybuilding magazine covers for more than 30 years -- this is his earliest known cover appearance -- in France, no less! -- at age 25.

Pierre Cottier, France's Mr. Apollo of 1935

With thanks to Muscle Memory for Monsieur Cottier's first name!

unknown tattooed hunk by Bruce of LA

While I'm in a Bruce mood, here's another un-ID'd photo (though the Bruce attribution is a no-brainer) -- I'm not a great fan of random tattoos, but they look good on this guy!

unknown blondie, eary 50s?

A random image from my collection, no info on it at all, though something about it makes me think it might be a shot from "Naked Heartland" -- the book of mostly candid photos taken by Bruce Bellas before he became Bruce of LA.

Of course, if anyone can ID him for sure, please let me know!

Scotty Cunningham by Bruce of LA

We had a request in the CBox a while back for AMG's Steve Buono -- who is much better known as Bruce of LA's late-60s muse Scotty Cunningham.

Scotty was definitely sex on a stick -- a killer body, with a sometimes-goofy face, but so happy, confident, and out there! He's been a favorite of mine since I first got into this hobby oh-so-many years ago.

My favorite series of Scotty is when Bruce has him in a black knit cap, black t-shirt and black sox pulled half-way up his calves -- oh, baby! The first photo is a 5x7 that I actually own -- newly acquired from eBay -- it was a pose new to me and I just had to have it! So, I'll pay the bills next month... ;-)

"Proud" by Heather Small

Since it's Pride Season in many parts of the world...

I don't think Heather Small was thinking "gay anthem" when she released this song, but it sure has become one. Here it is, playing to a montage of scenes form the American edition of "Queer as Folk" -- such trash TV, but I loved it nonetheless!

Cheers, men!

Glen Kinkead by Champion

As requested -- a few shots of the fine, furry Mr. Kinkead!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Wonderful Life" by Black

This post has nothing to do with v-m-p...

I was driving "into town" today, with some MP3's of the assorted "Queer as Folk" soundtracks on the CD player, when I hit a patch of songs that I hadn't got around to playing before. This song, "Wonderful Life," came on and it really hit me hard at the moment, feeling kinda blue, not sure what to do next...

Just found out the artist, the English group "Black" (actually singer/songwriter Colin Vearncombe), was the performer. I have one of his CDs, trapped in storage somewhere, gotta find some more of his stuff... The song has been covered by many other artists over the last 20 years...

I felt like sharing this with you all, for anyone who wants to take the 5 minutes to view/listen, certainly no obligation...

More naked guys next post...

Thursday, July 3, 2008