Friday, November 18, 2011

30s wrestler Joe Savoldi


Anonymous said...

This is a photo of my great uncle. He was in no way a model for gay erotica as you portray him in this blog. He was a very renown wrestler, football player and science professor. Depicting him in this manner is defamation of his character as well as disrespectful of his legacy and those who knew him personally. Furthermore, posting this photo here may be a copyright violation. I'll be looking into that. I would like it if you would remove his photo and name from this blog.

Angry relative!!!

Donald Sarian said...

You shouldnt be angry at the site. of wrestlers of that period. There builds were so nateral , the photo has nothen to do as him as man, you cant take away his talent . Look at marlyn Monroe, drop.dead gorgeous , but still known for her as actress. Your relative has many talents , good looks is one. There is only one like em, hes rare to see in looks. The build alone.