Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brand New from Taschen -- AMG's 1000 Model Directory!

Let's raise a toast to Den Bell at AMG/The Bob Mizer Foundation and Dian Hanson at Taschen for putting together another exciting book -- The 1000 Model Directory!  Inspired by the classic magazine of the same name from the sixties, this boxed, two-volume edition expands on Bob Mizer's original idea by presenting full-sized images, in black & white and in color, of the models that Mizer photographed between 1945 and 1968 -- the Golden Age of physique photography before the legalization of male nude photography.

I've yet to see a copy (sorry, I'm poor), but Taschen makes wonderful books so I know this is going to be great.  It is getting some wide-ranging online press -- French Vogue, i-D Vice, Cool Hunting, Luster Magazine, The Huffington Post and even the venerable New Yorker!

The list price for this epic collection is $125, but right now you can buy it directly from The Bob Mizer Foundation for only $99 with free US shipping!  Buying your copy directly from AMG helps support their efforts to catalog and preserve the millions of negatives and photographs in their archives.

1000+ pages of prime beefcake and even a DVD of 18 AMG films -- what more could a person want?  Order a copy and tell them Alan at V-M-P sent you!

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