Monday, June 15, 2015

Ken Dockter by AMG and Dave Martin

I had a request for more of Ken Dockter, which I think denotes a mark of good taste, so here you go, Titan!


Anonymous said...

Great pics. It's a wonder Ken didn't get birds nesting in that bush! Impressive growth.

Titan said...

Thank you I have collected them all what way he poses .He beckons YOU. There's another session i was very much interested in fact i bought photo and blew it up. There were several men against wall the tall one was radiant I thought it was pool sight in CAlifornia . I WAS close it was ROOF top.sessions that BOB MIZER took in 1966. I KNEW there had to be more when nudity became NORM. I FOUND out that session was in MR SUN number 1 voI 2 second oneI made I can't wait to receive magazine in FEB I WAS LUCKY TO FIND IT. if you have any of that session look for tall guy probably oldest with TAN line .My god BOB DIDNT MAKE THAT SESSION ON FILM.HE MADE MISTAKE. BUT PHOTOS ARE IN THAT MAGAZINE MR SUN. I.LOVE KEN DOCTNOR I HEARD HE PASSED AWAY WAS FAMILY MAN. BUT A GUY WHO LIKE JOKEN. BOY no joke looken at him. Thanks for the posting