Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Secretly" - A Vintage Montage Of Guys Together

"Secretly" - A Vintage Montage Of Guys Together from MJS on Vimeo.

Video by MJS, with thanks to Will Clark, on whose site I found this.


Anonymous said...

Is this site still active...?

bob said...

Wow, what a surprise, I loved it!

My parents are both dead and gone for quite some time now. I used to love to look through their photos from the 30's and 40's, but once they were gone, I found it very hard to do that. It was too sad to see them back in their glory days, and so I took the big box of photos and put them aside for "some day". I think that some day has come.

Both my parents were good looking in their day. My father was in the merchant marines, and I have a handful of photos from that era. There are pictures of him and his best buddy Al that always made me wonder, were they gay? My father was so anti-gay, that today I wonder if he was only trying to cover something up.

I have similar photos of my mother during the time when she was single. She and her "lesbianesque" girl friends, all out together having a good time on summer and weekend retreats. Again, I always wondered about her photos and times before she was married.

My brother and I have discussed this a few times, and he thinks that I'm reading in to it too much. I'm gay, he's straight, and perhaps that's all there is to it. We perceive things differently.

I'll never know, but after watching this video, I do know I'm ready to finally look through the old box of photos. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just love this video. The song
from my era,it reminds me of many
happy times and yet it reminds me
of the fear I often felt back in
the 50's and 60's. Now this video
gives me inspiration, confidence
and my 36 year relationship more
meaning than ever. Thanks for
compiling this, I watch it nearly
every week.