Friday, March 18, 2011

Jean Ferrero's cover to International Nudist Sun 13

This magazine arrived in the mail today. Asian men in physique photography are so rare that my eyes nearly fell out of my skull when I saw this on eBay a couple of weeks ago. What a hot stud! If only I knew his name (and had more shots of him in my collection) -- alas, he only appears on the cover of this 1965 magazine.

Updated 3/23!

Thanks to Robin for sending along two more images of my new boyfriend, as well as a name -- "Domine." I love to have a name to go along with a face!


Anonymous said...

I've found it equally rare. Even when I browsed Asia's "shops," I found vintage something nonexistent. Congrats to your find.

robin said...

I didn't know this pic but I think his name is Domine. I have 2 other photos I labelled Domine by comparing with a small Ferrero catalog sheet.

Anonymous said...

Unusual photo - it almost looks as though his ballsack is inflated.

Anonymous said...

I collect these INS Magazines.Sometimes the coverguy is not inside. The magazines are funny: In between long wordy articles about Nudism are the Ferreo photos of naked French body builders in wooded Riviera landscapes. There are no women, and all these male nudists have visible tan lines from bathingsuits.

I guess they weren't fooling the authorities. There was a famous obscenity case regarding a shipment of them seized in Baltimore in the mid 1960's. In 1967 the case was thrown out, and a victory was won by those who liked to see a naked male.