Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tore Lind aroused

Something rather special, discovered today...

Tore had no qualms about posing nude for Champion and FotoGrafo (as I've posted before), but Tore with an actual erection was unheard of -- until now!

I really can't place an attribution on this one. I don't get a Champion feel for this, though if I find this bed in another one of Walter's shots I'll come back and make a correction.

Regular visitors might have noticed the recent addition of Google's "content warning" page when navigating to v-m-p. There haven't been a whole lot of "naughty" pictures posted at this blog, but some piece of scum didn't like something I put up and complained about the content to Google, who placed a warning on the site while I was away last month. So, to make sure there are no misrepresentations of intent, I have gone in and changed my settings and made this an "adult content" blog. Will I be posting more "naughty" pics than normal? Probably not. But at least now, everyone who comes to this site can't [reasonably] complain if they find some.


Anonymous said... comments?

thanks for sharing this - definately rare. I'm not often a fan of blondes but Tore has always been an exception :-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful erection

Anonymous said...

certainly a piece of meat to be proud of

Anonymous said...

Tore Lind use to model for a fellow who called himself Sven Swede/Sven Scheme, this photo may be one of his. He also did films for Sven.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've had issues with viewers complaining about content. In my opinion you posted incredible photos that I and many others wish to see and enjoy. If others do not, they should stay away. Cheers! JF