Friday, August 24, 2007

Vic Seipke - a Superstar forever!

Back when I had v-m-p up as a real website, the page that received the most response from visitors was the one I put together on Vic Seipke. Part of what I wrote on that page was

Vic Seipke's trademark pompadour and long, lean body have made him one of the most memorable of the competitive bodybuilders and physique models of the 1950s. His career in the sport stretched from the 1950 Mr. Michigan contest up to the 1977 Mr. America contest, when he was 45 years old! He won two major titles in his career -- the 1955 Junior Mr. America, and 1976 Masters Mr. America.

It may have been at the Mr. Michigan contest that Vic caught the eye of the man known to us only as "Spectrum." According to a blurb in the June, 1954 Physique Pictorial, Vic [was] 5' 9", 195 lbs [and] Mr. Michigan for 1951. Very active in football, soccer, basketball. Vic has a 19" neck, 48" chest, 29" waist, 26" thigh. In a 1957 Physique Pictorial, Bob Mizer wrote Spectrum [--] took the first shots of Vic when he was 19. At one time he weighed 200#, all muscle, but he deliberately cut down his thigh size to a more pleasing proportion.

Besides showcasing Vic's magazine cover appearances and the smattering of B&W Spectrum photos that I had collected over the years, I had the great pleasure of premiering scans of 26 color slides that had been hand-delivered to me by a fan of the site who lived near my then-home of Hollywood, CA. (That breakfast we had together is still a highlight of my time in LA, Mr. B!) These slides were so popular that copies of the scans as photographs started appearing on eBay not too long after (and still appear for sale there today -- I can match up the scratches).

I had always meant to continue with Vic's page at the site, with page 2 showcasing his nude work with Douglas of Detroit and Bob Delmonteque, and the third page reprinting an online article on Vic's life that had just recently appeared. I had also looked forward to replacing the bulk of the color slides with a set of re-worked pics sent in to me by a fan (Hi, J!) who took out all the scratches on the film and made them look amazingly new. Never got around to it, and now the site is gone.


For all you rabid Seipke worshipers (and there are so many of you out there!), here's an additional B&W Spectrum shot of Vic and Frank Cuva that I found after the page went online, and four of J's re-touched color slides...


Anonymous said...

I love this series. That little pouch is definitely fighting a losing battle with Vic's plums - they are begging for release!

Anonymous said...

Not only was that pouch two sizes too small to handle his equipment, but in that last shot it took a soaking and is almost transparent. Having seen Vic sans pouch, he was indeed well endowed.

Anonymous said...