Thursday, August 23, 2007

John Tristram -- ah, my love... -- by Scott of London

John was a competitive bodybuilder from England who would move to the United States circa 1960 and settle in Southern California, where he became a favorite of AMG's Bob Mizer. Before that happened, though, he was immortalized by the infamous Tom Nicoll, aka Scott of London.

Scott squeezed his models into the tightest, shortest white shorts -- tightest, form-fittingest white sailor pants -- and possibly the world's smallest posing pouches, and got them to smile and flex their way into your heart. The leather-clad biker was also a photo-fetish of Scott's (he even spurred the motorcycle fetish in the work of Tom of Finland, when they first met).

Here are just a few shots of John, by Tom...

[Oh, how I love Johnny Tristram.... *sigh!*]


Anonymous said...

John Tristam was one of the most beautiful men to pose for the physique photographers in the50's thru the 70's. He did full frontals in the early 50's when he was very young and still living in England. I think by Barrington or Palatinus. All those English photographers used skimpy posing straps rivalling WPG and Spectrum.
Upon arriving in USA, he posed for photographers across the country before reaching his stride in Calif.with AMG. He did a series of duals with Forrester Millard which were stunning. In the 70's he was still as hot as he was 20 years before when he did frontal nudes for Colt Studios. What those posing straps concealed was a package to match his muscular body. John was a French professor at a Southern Calif. University at the time of his death attributed to AIDS.

Lawrence said...

He was blessed with amazing looks, I'm grateful for these pics. May he R.I.P.