Thursday, August 2, 2007

In Living Color - Clarence Ross by Russ Warner

This is the kind of image that got me into this bizarre little hobby. Physical perfection! Clarence "Clancy" Ross in all his robust glory -- he takes my breath away! The big muscle men of the 40s and 50s are just IT -- the muscle men of today might be twice his size, but they don't have half his beauty. What must a hug surrounded by those arms have been like?

I just found this image this morning (couldn't sleep again). I'm going to post some more of my favorite big men later today...


maciste II said...

Wow, Clarence, Keith Stephan, Jack Thomas, BOB McCUNE... and his ass,Kim Fox, Super John Tristam (and his as too), my favorite DICK DUBOIS (that great body + baby face)... are bigger than life. The men of today don't mind anything. You have right.

Another petition, if is possible. In the thousand pages of Physique Pictorial, KURT FREEMAN appeared in only two ocassions (like an imperial Indian and other one -sadly- in the shadows). I loved KURT since the first I saw him (his feathers' photo is always on my night table). Do you know that nice guy?. Do you have (more)photos of him?. Do you post them?.

Saludos, my friend.

Horner said...

I certainly enjoy your website a great deal. My particular interest is good looking men in snug fitting classic white briefs. Let's have more of those type pictures and more of Vic Siepke