Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Elias Tache by Karoll of Havana

Karoll of Havana was a society photographer who had a sideline in taking snaps of musclemen and sports figures in the forties and fifties. His gay work only surfaced a few years ago. According to the retail site Homobilia, Karoll died in a Castro "re-education" camp in 1983. (I can't seem to find a complete name for this classic artist.)

Most of the examples I have of Karoll's work are studio shots, making this outside pose a bit out of the ordinary. I'll post more from Karoll soon.


maciste II said...

Latino mozos... Well, I know Sergio Oliva, one of the first Mr. Olympia (sixties. And pro Castro, I suposse).
And tthat brazilian monument called... ¡JOAO LEAL FILHO!.

Anonymous said...

Elias "Tachez"