Monday, August 20, 2007

Kurt Freeman by Bruce of LA - part two

More shots from the same MF session, along with a lone nude, and to top it off, a shot from another (unknown) physique mag that was taken by another studio, California Models.


maciste II said...

Gorgeous!. Alan, you great.You've it all. I have enthused. Two posts for eternity.Zeus bless you. I compensated to wait. I love Kurt more, now. Likewise, the first dick in your fantastic blog. Historical. And what a back! (and shoulders, and torso, and hair, and legs... and so on. I cannot make balance. The boy is infinite). A perfect especimen.
You realize that I prefer apolinean types more than herculean ones. But all of men of that era are welcome.
Many many thanks, my friend. You made me happy this cloudy summer day, here in Galicia (Spain).

Anonymous said...

Yes, what fantastic photos of a young man in his prime. And fully nude he looks so natural - I can't imaging anyone objecting to that.