Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dennis Lavia by AMG

One last stud for the night (actually early, early morning -- why am I still awake?). Dennis Lavia appears to have posed for Mizer more than once: both in the studio and out "on location". Our first pose has him astride Willie the burro, next in the studio, and once again somewhere outside. I have a feeling the briefs are the model's own. Dennis did a fine set of nude studies for Pat Milo as well.

Okay, I'm off to bed! Have a great August 1st!


maciste II said...

Pretty Dennis. Uhmm, Willie the burro was very lucky. Did Jim Paris ride the same animal?. I remember that Jim play to be a circus rider in PHYSIQUE PICTORIAL sometimes. Please, I need photos of "little" Paris.
Sorry, my English is very poor.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Denis was enjoying his ride on the donkey judging by the pole in his pants!

BBG said...

Sexy underwear!