Monday, August 20, 2007

Myrddin Palmer by Vince

Here's a young beauty who, if not specifically English, is from Great Britain (Wales, to be exact). These two shots came from my buddy Jim's Yahoo e-mail group British Gay Photographers -- a great bunch of guys who share photos from yesterday and today that expose the fascinating world of British physique photography. The man behind Vince Studio was Bill Green.

As Jim wrote back in 2003, "Bill Green, alias Vince, was the nearest we had to a "classic" physique photographer. In his studio in Manchester Street, London W1, he created little masterpieces of lighting and composition. He contributed a lot to the "legit" bodybuilding mags - but there was also a more subtly erotic side to his work, as we'll see. Nothing daring, but it's there all the same."

I greatly admire Vince's work and look forward to sharing more of it in the future.

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maciste II said...

British counts too!. I think SCOTT Studios were in London. I remember the particular small shorts (or trousers) that wearing the models. Glups, incredible Vic Haywood!. Like Jean Harlow' gowns in the thirties (in other sense, perhaps).

Do you know ARAX in France.Fabulous photographer.And his fellows, authentics demi-Delon's (uhmm, Pierre Bertin, a parisian cake).