Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tabby Anderson by AMG

Keeping on an AMG roll... Here's Tabby Anderson, a popular model of the 50s who also posed for Bruce, Fred Kovert, Frank Kelly, Spartan and possibly more studios. A shot from this series was on display at the Western-Project Gallery exhibit of Bob Mizer's work back in 2004 (page 18 of the Flash document, you'll see all the bars in the picture, in which Mizer was looking right up Tabby's [pouched] crotch). The color picture is actually a slide that I won on eBay a while back -- this is the seller's scan, as I have not had a chance to buy a scanner with a slide attachment -- maybe someday!

I have a real fondness for Tabby. He didn't thrill me at first, but over the years he's grown on me. The fact that so many photographers took his picture shows that he had that certain... something. I'll have to post some of his nudes for you one of these days...!

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