Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bob McCune by AMG, Warner and Spartan

When I started my email group at Yahoo 6 years, this photo of Bob McCune by AMG was the first picture I posted there. He exemplified the type of man I hoped to see more of as the group progressed. I wanted the group to focus on true physique photos, and not just old sex snaps that were the focus of so many other groups. I soon expanded the scope of the group, but I still prefer this kind of thing! The v-m-p group isn't quite as active as it used to be, but every now and then we receive some great physique finds!

Bob was one of those athletes who entered several contests but never hit the "big time" -- at least as far as trophies go. He did make the covers of the leading muscle mags in 1949 and 1950, and of course was a favorite of physique mag followers for years!


David Chapman said...

Bob died in 2002, but I was lucky enough to interview him before he passed away. The results are in the brief article that I wrote for Ironman Magazine
What a man!

Anonymous said...

Belated response, but what an interesting insight into Bob's life, David. I had seen his photos in bodybuilding magazines and admired his fantastic physique so it's good to know a bit more about him. As much as models ever can he looked like a regular guy. Was he married, did he have a family?