Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joao Leal Filho - beije-me toda sobre! -- part one

The interesting things you can find through Google -- from "Beyond Carnival: Male Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century Brazil" by James Naylor Green:

The publishers of "Forca e Saude" and "Musculo" even attempted international marketing of their publications by submitting a nude picture of Joao Leal Filho, the Brazilian national bodybuilding champion in 1949-50, to the United States muscle quarterly "Physique Pictorial," where it appeared in the fall 1954 issue. Leal Filho, who trained at the Forca e Saude Gym in Recife, was shown in the shower, discreetly posed to avoid exposing his genitals. For a U.S. $1.00 American readers could request a sample copy of the Brazilian publication, mailed directly from Rio de Janeiro. Although few foreigners may actually have sent off for a copy of "Forca e Saude" in order to enjoy the muscular beauty of Joao Leal Filho, the editors of these Brazilian magazines understood the publications' dual audiences. Those Brazilians who bought "Musculo" and "Forca e Saude" merely to keep up on the latest news of the national bodybuilding organization, which was headed by the editors of the magazines, may have missed the eroticism of these artistic contributions and seminude pictures, but homosexuals bought the publications for their gorgeously muscled men. The magazines offered an exciting stimulus for solitary sexuality under the cover of a sport's publication, and they were one of the few ways that isolated individuals far from Rio or Sao Paulo might have ongoing access to soft athletic porn.

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Anonymous said...

Brazil has given another gay icon to us besides Carmen Miranda.How do you say molto bellissimo in Portugese?