Thursday, June 25, 2009

unknown by Bruce of LA

Thanks to Phil for sharing this stunner -- anyone recognize him?


faroutplanetboi said...

Maybe it's Steve Wengryn's little-known twin brother, Skippy? I say that, tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I see some striking similarities, including posing with the Native American spear.

Indeed, I have a black and white jpeg image that looks like the very same pose,with what looks like the same spear, but shot from behind. The filename is "1950s Steve Wengryn-unk." I can e-mail it to you, if you'd like.

In any event, it's a very impressive image of muscular masculinity and beauty. Thanks for sharing it!

Logan said...

I think he might have gone by the name Bob Starr.

Fotoranger said...

It is Bob Storr

Unknown said...

I have this credited to Bruce of Los Angeles - one of his shots of Johnny Nogar no doubt from shot advertising the cine film "I'm an Indian