Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ford McLaine by Bruce of LA


ivan said...

Oi I'm ivan, from brazil
did you see my emails to you with photos? vintage collection

faroutplanetboi said...

This, sir, is the perfection of Young Male Beauty! The model is one I'd never seen before, but no wonder Bruce of LA photographed him! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Once, on the Internet, I pick up this information about him.

"Ford McLaine is one of the more promising young Hollywood hopefuls brought to Bruce for some photographs. Ford came to Hollywood from New York after having been in "Boy Friend" and "Out of this World". He has continued studying and working for a dramatic career in the movie.

When Ford arrived in California he fell in love with the beach and has made a charming beach cottage his permanent headquarters for relaxation and fun. His current companion in this endeavor is his German Dachshund, "Butch"."

Cannot be found on IMDb under this name. Pictures of him can be seen in The Male Figure 1958 No 10. (DC)