Saturday, June 13, 2009

blog-o-matic #2 - IVAN no Blog

The web is a wonderful thing -- bringing people from around the world together, language barriers be damned! The other day I received a very nice present from Ivan in Brazil of three PowerPoint presentations focused nearly completely on vintage images. They are too large for me to embed here, but I have uploaded them to Rapidshare for anyone who'd like to take a look.

Definitely take a few moments and check out Ivan's blog -- in only two months online he has made 384 posts (!!!!) on a wide range of subjects, but mainly on beautiful men. Don't worry if your Portuguese is a bit rusty -- text is at a minimum, and there are always translation programs if a post looks extra-interesting.

Thank you for writing, Ivan -- and keep up the great work!

Ivan's Nostalgia
Ivan's Nostalgia 2
Ivan's Nostalgia 2 part 2

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