Tuesday, August 11, 2009

John Davidson by Milo


maciste II said...

He inspired the work HOUSE OF CORRECTION by Harry Bush

Thanks,inedits images for me

faroutplanetboi said...

Lord o' Mercy! Dear MacisteII is absolutely right, and I never realized it! All the more reason to be glad for the too-short life of one of the most beautiful young men that has ever stood in front of a camera.

Pat Milo seems to have been on the same 'wavelength' with Jon, more than any of the other fine artists that photographed the Baby-Faced Marine Hunk. These portraits have a heart-rending sensitivity. They really seem to look 'inside' Jon, capturing a vulnerability that the trained warrior probably didn't dare reveal elsewhere.

I thank you, my dear Alan, for images that are not just great art and brilliant representations of timeless Young Male Beauty, but truly, magic portals that open to reveal the living, breathing young man that is still loved by those that know his story.

Anonymous said...

And one must not forget that he also worked with Champion (Kundzicz) but under the name of Wayne Arlan (or Arlen).


Anonymous said...

He really approaches the epitome of male beauty: a sweet, charming face, a fit but not overly built body, a substantial penis, and lush, thick pubic hair.

Anonymous said...

Every inch the young marine was John. His strong tanned forearms show he did some physical work.