Monday, August 3, 2009

John Davidson and Blackie Preston by AMG

Two mid-sixties beauties, scrubbing all that oil off after a long afternoon's modeling...


maciste II said...

One of my favorite couple of boys (mid 60's). Blackie was Narcissus.Pretty narcissus on the pool.
And John is so hot... His curves, his smile, so beefy and blue... Poor John!

Anonymous said...

great photo..I am curious to know their history since the last comment seems to point in that direction...were they in film?

maciste II said...

He died in Vietnam war.

Anonymous said...

In Physique Pictorial Volume 15, No 1 (October 1965) p. 13 Mizer wrote:

The United States Marine Corp has given us (and taken from us) JOHN DAVIDSON 20 of Bronxville New York. John is 5'8", 165 lbs. A number of other photos of him, biographical information and all of his measurements are given in the first pages on Vol XIV No. 4 Physique Pictorial so we shant repeat all of that here.
In passing, we would like to mention that John was one of the liveliest, most energetic modes we have ever had here. He was wise beyond his years but never acted stuffy. He knew how to live life to its fullest, made many friends and left a strong imprint on all who knew him.
A short film of Johnny posing (AMG # D-39) will be released Nov 17, 1968, costs $4.75 8mm, $7.13 16mm.
With his marine buddy Al Emonds (now in Viet Nam) he did the film IMPROVIDENT IMMIGRANT (AMG # 1-10) scheduled for release Nov 2, 1975, $11.75 8mm, 17.64 16mm and illustrated on pages 7-11 RJ catalog.
With Pat White he does a Jail-scene card-game/fight. To be released March 23, 1975 $12.50 8mm, $18.75 16mm. Film # W-30. Pages 26-30 RE cat.
With Tony Martin in Film # S-102 SASSY SEAMAN & THE OFFICER. $8 8mm, $12 16mm to be released Nov 24, 1974. Pages 2-6 of RF catalog.
With Blackie Preston in film S-99 SLAVE FIGHTS BACK $15. 8mm $22.50 16mm for released Nov 4 1973. Catalog pages 2-6 RA.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely big beefy arse John had.

Alph said...

I encountered Blackie Preston in the army (Ft. Knox, KY) in 1969. He was acting as some kind of clerk at the time and had a limp, suggesting that he had been wounded (Vietnam?). I didn't reveal that I recognized him from his modeling work.