Tuesday, August 11, 2009

John Davidson and Blackie Preston by AMG

Since there was some instant interest in these two, here's some more.

John was a true baby-faced Marine, tragically killed in Vietnam. He is probably more famous for his work with Champion and Milo, but did some fun work with AMG, including the film "Gladiator and the Slave" from which these photos are from.

Blackie did the rounds with the Los Angeles photographers, including Bruce and Milo, having no trouble dropping trou for any of them, but will always be remembered for his solo film "Narcissus" for AMG (included as an extra on the DVD of the film "Beefcake" -- Netflix it!).


maciste II said...

Apoteosic tribute

faroutplanetboi said...

I can never think about Jon Davidson without a mixture of lust and intense sadness. He was young, vital, totally Sex on Legs, and from what I've read, eventually realized that he liked guys, not girls.

He never had the chance to act on that in front of the cameras of the 'Beefcake' artists because his life was tragically shortened by his loyalty to duty as a Marine. Curse the politicians who threw it away!

Thank you, my dear Alan, for sharing these fun, campy images of two hot guys! Jon is a treasure for all time--may he rest in peace.

Fritz Bauer said...

Is anything more generally known about Jon Davidson? Even though a number of his surviving photos show him in frontal nudity which is offensive to some peoples sensibility there still seems to be something pure and clean about him.
I would be around his same age. I remember seeing photos of him when I was in the Army in the 60's(Off base of course in those days!) I did not have carnal thoughts about him but admired him as a beautiful example of God's creation. He projected a clean handsome image. If I were to equate him with a Biblical character, I would equate him with the soldier King David of old.

Indeed "faroutplanetboi" and "Alan" may Jon Davidsons dear soul rest in peace. He is resting in the mercy of the one who loves him most, his Creator and eternal Heavenly Father!