Wednesday, January 21, 2009

real hunky sailors

...because I can never get enough of real sailors!

Good night, fellas!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! Dibs on the hunk in the first row, extreme left, holding the blade of the oar.

Anonymous said...

Is Miss. Magnolia Thunderpussy posting to a new site?

Larry said...

I love vintage military guys, especially nude.

Know where to find more?

lincs51 said...

Yes, Mr. "The White Water Kidd", I am! I am sick to death of the arrogance shown to me and others by the Flickr authorities, and am now posting on IPERNITY. However, my photographs already on Flickr will remain there.

You do look rather cute - do your parents know you view collections such as mine?

Much love,

Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy