Wednesday, January 21, 2009

(not only) Blue magazines for sale at eBay

Hi guys,

This is an FYI for those also interested in modern physique photography that I have 10 issues of the now-defunct Australian magazine "(not only) Blue" on auction over on eBay. The direct link to my auction page is here.

The hard times that so many of us are going through has led me to sell a lot of my porn collection over last summer and fall, and now that Christmas has come and gone, it's time for me to continue. I won't make a habit of interrupting the regular postings for auction updates, but if you are a fellow eBayer, I hope you'll check out my auctions from time to time -- I'll be having more magazines and videos and other stuff (not necessarily porn) up fairly regularly.

(And as far as the vintage stuff goes, #60 has a 7-page gallery of Tom of Finland drawings [as well as 9 pages devoted to a personal favorite, modern-day New York photographer Michael Alago],

#54 has 7 pages of photos from the book "At Ease: Navy Men of World War II,"

#53 has 7 pages devoted to Champion/Walter Kundzciz on the occasion of the publication of his book "Champion,"

#39 has 9 pages of Tony Sansone photos by Edwin Townsend,

and #38 has 9 pages of Al Urban photos taken from "American Photography of the Nude Male, 1940 - 1970, Vol. 6" [and an amazing 11-page spread of Pierre et Gilles photos!].)

Please excuse the commercial interruption -- more photos will be on the way soon!

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