Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mario Guaita-Ausonia and The Trio Ausonia

(These two postcards are circa 1908.)

Mario Guaita (stage name Ausonia) was a model (with two other strongmen, billed as the "Trio Ausonia") and silent movie actor in several films between 1912 and 1926 -- most notably the 1913 version of "Spartacus."

Some extra reading (if you're multi-lingual or can stand the gobbledygook that results from most on-line translators --

An article on the film history of Spartacus in the pdf file of "Antike im Kino" -- 'Spartacus РMännermuskeln, Heldenbilder oder: die Befreiung der Moral' starting on page 178 (but check out the other cool stuff as well!) (in German)

Silent Passion blog - Spartacus 1913 (in Spanish)

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