Friday, February 19, 2010

Opening night of "John Palatinus: Tomorrow's Man"

I had a great time at John's opening night at the Antebellum Gallery on Las Palmas in Hollywood!

I arrived about 6:40 and found a half dozen or more people already looking around. John was very up and excited, in spite of a terrible head cold and rough voice. As seven o'clock hit the crowd just got larger and larger and stayed packed throughout the night! I'm posting a couple of shots that I took here, but by all means go over to the Antebellum Blog to see a whole bunch more! John's friend Greg Day photographed the whole evening and I hope to be able to share some pics here soon.

Jacob Semans, aka Jake Sperm, was one of the featured artists -- his first gallery showing! --and I talked to him a few times throughout the night. He had four of his James Bond film poster-inspired self-portraits towering over us -- very sexy and humorous at the same time -- check out his website!

Rick Castro found a wonderful model, Barry Morse, who posed non-stop in the front window throughout the official 7-9 PM reception. Very hot, really into it, and his talents run beyond posing -- he's also made a short film called "Ookie Cookie," the trailer of which can be found on Youtube here.

Hot and friendly pornstar (and former Antebellum Gallery Kinky Camera Club model) Tyger Hudson was in attendance, which made John's night that much better as John is a big fan of the hunk!

Artist Dan Pyle was also there, though I didn't get to talk to him. His charcoal drawings on exhibit in the show were beautiful (and so was he!)! You can find more about him here.

My brother and his girlfriend came to the show, as did some new friends from the LA area, and even my buddy's sister and her boyfriend -- it was great to have such interest and support from my family and friends this night!

I made a couple of new acquaintances, Bob and Kim, two very enthusiastic vintage physique fans. We all exchanged cards, so I hope we get to talk again!

I'll be taking John back to Antebellum this Sunday when he'll be guest-hosting the Kinky Camera Club and then sitting down to tea afterwards to talk about his experiences. Should be another great day in this continuing adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! If only I didn't live on the east coast...