Friday, February 19, 2010

Gary Lee by WPG

Don Whitman's Western Photography Guild seemed to make a smooth transition from pouch to no-pouch photos after the 1968 decree that made male nudity legal. His style didn't radically change and he kept up a high standard for his models' appearance.

Oddly enough, unlike some pouch-era artists that eventually released their secret nude shots of their pre-1968 models, I can't think of any such shots coming from WPG.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that at one time it was actually ILLEGAL to display the human body without clothing.

Anonymous said...

There was a public beach nearby where I grew up that was segregated by gender with a large walls separating the woman's side and the public area. Males were suppposed to wear, at minimum, what were called "fig leaves." Thet were essentially those same posing pouches, but most tied them only around the waist and not from the back, so they hung like silly little aprons that really concealed nothing. In fact, most males went nude.