Wednesday, July 15, 2009

John Miller by AMG

Another of David's finds -- an iconic picture, but damned if I can't place the name at the moment. 99.9% sure it's by AMG.

Update 9/8/09! Thanks to Owen for the model ID, and to David for the photo number - "D2" - indicating that this is the fourth model by Bob Mizer to be cataloged by the newly formed AMG!


faroutplanetboi said...

Unfortunately, I can't help you on the ID of either model or photographer, but sculptors from Myron and Praxiteles to Rodin would have bargained with Infernal Powers to be able to immortalize this young man in marble or bronze! The photo is a masterpiece! Thanks for sharing it.

OwenMeaney said...


Hold onto yourself...the model is John Miller. It is an AMG photograph, of course, and has been dated to the late 1940's.


rawboy said...

great picture!