Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bob Estelita by California Models

...and on the flipside of Lynn I found this wonderful image, which I know will make at least one regular visitor very happy!


Michael said...

...a jug of wine, and thou. Just found your fabulous blog - what a find! My secret stash was made from Weider mail-order catalogs, I knew every curve and bulge of Larry Scott and Frank Zane by heart!

All the best, Michael

Esperanto Grrl said...

Mike! You're here too, eh?

Here's another newfound reader, and keep up the good work. It's disturbing sometimes how transitory these pics can be. It's a whole subculture that isn't around anymore.

Michael said...

Hi EG, yup. Actually it was your link that sent me here, I was going to comment a big thanks on your blog, but now I'll do it here.