Friday, November 23, 2007

Peter and Sandy Gordon by Spartan

One of the great brother posing teams from the golden age of physique photography, Peter and Sandy only posed together for Spartan, aka Constantine. The solo series of Peter are noted for the grace and elegance that was a hallmark of the late 40s/early 50s muscle mag/physique cross-over period. Sandy, better known as Hugh Pendleton, would go on to pose for AMG and Bruce of LA and others following his Spartan sessions, most famously posing nude (and erect!) for Bruce Bellas' camera.

Spartan photographed the brothers more than once, first as young teens (in solo sessions) and then later, together, in their early twenties. The first of two "Physique Pictorial" pages posted here notes

Peter & Hugh Pendleton come from a family all enthusiastic about health and physical training. Peter had just been discharged from the Air Force shortly before these shots were made, and his duties had not given him the opportunity to train as much as he desired. Many readers will remember the early pictures of Hugh released under the name of Sandy Gordon. Hugh likes his physique much better now, but we are inclined to prefer his earlier proportions. But nothing can stop time (except photography), and athletes as well as the rest of us continue to evolve and change with each passing day. In so-far-as we can control our environment and other conditions, it is in our realm to make that evolution one of ever increasing perfection.

This first page was published in 1955, which would have made Hugh about 24 at the time of publication, though it is impossible to say exactly when this photo was taken (and I do not know if Peter was the older or younger brother).

The second PP page is from 1959, featuring a solo shot of Hugh by Spartan at the age of 16. Bob Mizer makes mention in the text that at the time of publication, Hugh "[would] soon be 28" from which we can figure out that this posing session was held in 1947. Mizer continues to lament that Hugh's "genteel sweetness is all gone, and is replaced by an almost brutally hard masculinity."


Lawrence said...

Having brothers pose practically nude together was probably considered very racy back in those days.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating to see Hugh at 16 before he muscled up. He certainly developed into a powerful and well endowed man as we know from his nude shots.