Saturday, November 24, 2007

Andre Drapp by unknown

Two more shots of Andre, unattributed, though the head shot looks like it's probably an Arax. There is a studio mark on the second pic, but I just can't make it out (Studio Kal?).

Lastly, a bit of color as Andre hits the cover of Britain's "Reg Park Journal" for October, 1954. At the time of publication, Andre was touring the US and Canada as a professional wrestler -- a career a lot of bodybuilders took up.

I don't know the current state of Andre's health, but he was alive and kicking as recently as 2004, aged 84, when a piece about him appeared in the (possibly local news-makers?) site Vandouevre-les-Nancy.


Anonymous said...

Like to know if anyone has an update on Andre Drapp and Jeff King?-both inspiring builders. Thx,Roc

Anonymous said... gives Andre Drapp's year of birth as 1920 and date of death as November 14, 2009.