Thursday, June 28, 2007


Sailors have been the source of many a gay man's fantasy for thousands of years (Jason and the Argonauts, anyone?) The "real thing" can't be beat, but a good looking man in just a sailor cap will fit the bill nicely, thank you. Here's a tiny look at what I'm on about....

[2 authentic sailor snaps, a portrait by Lon of NY of what may be two authentic swabbies, and Ray Bloom and Tony Mueller by AMG.


Anonymous said...

This may be helpfull to you..the twin sailors in blus naval uniform..twins, yes, but, and here is the cruncher...they are James Richard Dawson, on the left, and Phillip Roger Dawson, on the right..born on 4 July, OUR mother, Virginia May Dawson..yes, you heard me right,,I am James, on the left.and I am still alive and breathing. Phillip was killed while in the service off the coast of Nam in '65..and I don't know where you got the photo of Jerry Barton, the young chap in the g-string below our photo, but he is still alive and resides in Phoenix, Az..We are both in our seventis and I called him the other day when I ran across your blog/site. He was quite excited, as was I, and we want to make contact with you as to what publications you gleaned these photos from..We did work for AMG in the late fifties and early sixties while in the service..Almost got kicked out because of it..
Hoping to hear from you soon..

alan said...

Dear James,

It is always exciting when a model steps out of the mist to claim his place in the history of this lost artform! I would most certainly love to communicate with you -- please write me at -- and if your friend Jerry would like to tell us about his experiences, we definitely want to hear from him, too!

Thanks for writing, and I hope to get to write you soon!

Your pal,


Lawrence said...